Geotourism, Faculty of Geology, VNUHCM-University of Science

🔬 🔬 Earth Science STEAM 🔬 🔬

🌍 What is Earth Science?

Earth Science is a subject in which student explores the beginning of life, the development of the Earth through the ages; specifically, learns visually about plate tectonics, rock cycles, and understands how rocks are formed. From that, children can see many different types of rocks and hand-grind the samples, put them under the microscope.

🌍 🌍  About us?

🎯 Goals: To provide children scientific knowledge about earth, soil, rock, natural disasters and topographical structure through scientific standardized equipments. Therefore, children are equipped with valuable survival skills and foundations when going to new areas, endlessly discovering about human origins and loving to learn for a future world.

🔥 The activities:

✅ Learn about the Rock Cycle, Plate Tectonics, Minerals and fossils;

✅ Identify and distinguish rocks;

✅ Look at thin sections of rock under the microscope;

✅ Q&A with teachers, industry experts;

✅ Arts & Crafts;

✅ Processing a thin section sample;

✅ In addition, get small gifts from us and took photos together.

🏠 Location: 227 Nguyen Van Cu Str., District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at the Lab of the Faculty of Geology – University of Science  – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City

📍 Transportation: self arranged or we will meet you up at the Gate and guide to the lab (Please call Hotline when arrive!).

📌 Notes: The program includes 2 versions: English and Vietnamese.

We are looking forward to leading more children to this mysterious and unexpected laboratory world. Come to Faculty of Geology now! 😘😘


📌 Faculty of Geology

☎️ Hotline: 0784473173 (Ms. Giang)

📩 Email: khoadiachat@hcmus.edu.vn


Some photos of Geotourism