Bachelor`s program, Faculty of Geology, VNUHCM-University of Science

Bachelor of Geology

Bachelor of Science in Geology:

The bachelor’s program in geology aims to train bachelors with background knowledge in natural and social sciences and solid expertise, intellectual capacity, political qualities, and good professional ethics to meet the needs of human resources in the field of geology, serving the socio-economic development of Vietnam and the world in the 4.0 industrial era.

The bachelor’s program in Geology has 06 majors: (1) Mineral geology, (2) Gemology, (3) Petroleum geology, (4) Marine geology, (5) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology and (6) Environmental geology.

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Bachelor of Geological Engineering

Bachelor of Scienec in Geological Engineering:

The bachelor’s program in Geological Engineering aims to train bachelors with good moral qualities, have basic theoretical qualifications, in-depth knowledge and skills; has research methods, field survey methods, solves practical geological engineering problems, and meets the needs of society in the field of geological engineering. Ability to self-train and continue advanced study at the postgraduate level at home and abroad.

The bachelor’s program in Geological Engineering has 02 majors: (1) Geotechnical engineering, (2) Mineral search and exploration.

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