Department of Marine and Petroleum Geology


   Present Department of Marine Geology and Petroleum has been joined by the Sedimentology Department and Petroleum Geology Department formerly. The Department was established in 1964 and of the Geological Division of Saigon Science University whose name was changed into Tong Hop University-Ho Chi Minh City (1976). From 1996, it has been named as the University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM). Up to now, after more than 50 years of establishment and development, the Department of Marine Geology and Petroleum has not only made great contributions to the training of geologists for the country but also actively participated in geological researches and basic surveys on natural resources, minerals, and environment for many industries and localities. Currently, the Department is charged two specializations in Marine Geology and Petroleum Geology.

Head of Department: LE DUC PHUC, Ph.D.

1. Marine Geology Speciality:

 Nowadays, the Department of Marine Geology and Petroleum has become one of the Departments of Geology Department of VNU-HCMC University of Science, which is responsible for teaching a wide range from basic to specialized subjects for students in the Faculty of Geology, University of Sciences, VNU-HCM.
   The Department is responsible for training undergraduate and postgraduate students and carries out scientific and technological research projects in the field of sedimentary geology, marine geology, and petroleum.

Staff of Department:
1.1. Current staff:

Le Duc Phuc, email: ldphuc@hcmus.edu.vn

Ngo Tran Thien Quy, email: nttquy@hcmus.edu.vn

Dinh Quoc Tuan, email: dqtuan@hcmus.edu.vn

Do Thi Ngoc Hoc, email: dnhoc@hcmus.edu.vn

Pham Tuan Long, email: ptlong@hcmus.edu.vn 

Huynh Tan Tuan, email: httuan@hcmus.edu.vn

1.2. Visiting lecturers:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. NGUYEN Thi Ngoc Lan

Assoc. Prof. Dr. VO Luong Hong Phuoc

Dr. NGUYEN Kim Hoang

Dr. BUI Thi Luan

MSc. PHAM Ba Trung

MSc. NGO Thi Phuong Uyen

MSc. NGUYEN Thi To Ngan

Assoc. Dr. VU Quang Binh

Assoc. Dr. NGUYEN Van Lap

Assoc. Dr. TA Thi Kim Oanh

PHAN Van Kong, MSc.

DAO Thanh Tung, MSc.

KIEU Nguyen Binh, MSc.

1.3. Teaching and training:

1.3.1. Undergraduate:

Teaching basic subjects and training one speciality of Marine Geology.

Basic subjects:
– GEO10007_Sedimentary Rock

– GEO10013_Field Geology 1

– GEO10018_Stratigraphy and Geological History

– GEO10019_General Geotectonics

– GEO10027_Field Geology 2

Specialized subjects:
– GEO10601_Marine Geology

– GEO10602_Marine Sedimentary Environment

– GEO10603_Marine geochemistry

– GEO10604_Oceanography

– GEO10605_Marine geophysics

– GEO10606_Coastal zonal Geomorphology and new tectonics

– GEO10607_Marine mineral Resources

– GEO10608_Coastal environmental geology and hazards

– GEO10609_Integrated management of coastal zones

– GEO10610_Specialized informatics

1.3.2. Postgraduate

1.4. Scientific research and application:

1.4.1. Research of basic science:

– Modern sedimentary environments (lakes, rivers, delta, estuaries, coasts, continental shelves), ancient sedimentary basins, terrestrial formations, tectonic-sedimentary deposits, Quaternary environmental geology, and petroleum sedimentary basin analysis.

– Marine geochemistry and Applied geochemistry (Environmental geochemistry and geochemistry in mineral resources exploration, isotope geochemistry).

– Marine mineral geology.

1.4.2. Research of applied science and technology development:

For the applied research, non-metallic mineral resources were investigated for agriculture, industry, and human such as peat, clay, diatomite, sand, underground water, etc.
The basic investigation, seeking and exploration, and exploitation of mineral resources.
Planning for using mineral resources properly.
Environmental geochemistry, isotope geochemistry.
1.5. Coordinate research and application:

Research in lithology, mineralogy, geochemistry in the surveying of marine geological setting, geohazards, and environmental geology.

1.6. Internal and external relation:

We have established academic exchanges, training and scientific research cooperation with numerous domestic institutes of geological research and management, such as the Southern Geological Mapping Federation, Institute of Geography and Resources (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), Department of Geology and Minerals (Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Resources and Environment), Institute of Natural Geography, consulting companies in mineral geology, etc. Besides, there are also collaborative research, training, and academic seminars with foreign universities, research institutes, and scientists, e.g. Finland, Korea, USA, and Taiwan.

Petroleum Geology Speciality:
It was established in 1994. Over 20 years it has contributed to training and scientific research in the field of petroleum geology as well as teaching Geology in postgraduate.

Petroleum Geology Speciality provides human resources for research institutes, universities, petroleum institutes as well as domestic and foreign oil and gas companies that are investing, exploring, and exploiting oil and gas on the continental shelf of South Vietnam.

The teaching team of the Petroleum Geological Speciality includes the lecturers, teaching assistants and many external collaborators from research institutes and other universities. The total number of members of the teaching staff currently engaged in the teaching activity is 09 people

 2.1. Teaching and training:

– Undergraduate: Teaching not only several specialized subjects relating to oil and gas prospection, exploration and assessment activities such as Petroleum sedimentary environment, Petroleum geochemistry, Exploration of petroleum deposits methods, Petroleum reservoir geology, Sedimentary basin analysis, Hydrology of oil fields, Log interpretation, Geological interpretation of reflection seismic data, and Regional geology of petroleum but also other basic fields such as Petrology, Earth Science, Paleontology, and Fundamental Petroleum Geology.

 – Postgraduate: teaching some optional subjects for the Master program of Geology

2.2. Scientific research and application

Research of basic science and applied science and technology development for the prospection, exploration, and exploitation of petroleum. 

2.3. Internal and external relation

There is cooperation with universities with related majors, international oil and gas organizations, and production agencies regarding both training and research such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), PetroVietnam University (PVU), SPE organization, SEAPEX organization, Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI), Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP), Viet Xo Petroleum Joint Venture.


Room C04

Address: 227 Nguyen Van Cu street, ward 4, District 5, HCM City

Tel: (84.8) 38 308116 – Fax (84.8) 38 350 096

Email: Head of Department: ldphuc@hcmus.edu.vn