Geological Museum, Faculty of Geology, VNUHCM-University of Science

Geological museum belong Faculty of Geology was established in December 2019 under the laboratory name “Exhibition room for Collection, Storage and Preservation of Geological specimens” according to Decision No. 2136/QD-KHTN.

Function and mission:

The geological museum has the function of collecting geological and mineral samples for training purposes.

Establishing standard sample collections on geology and minerals of the South Vietnam and towards the whole of Vietnam.

– Comprehensive research on the geological heritage of islands, archipelagos, and continental shelf in Vietnam.

– Research geological heritage in geological measurement plans (basic surveys) of the Geology industry or in nature conservation research projects.

– Assess regions’ typical geological resource potential with specific geological structures, serving the construction of outdoor Geological Museums.

– Research geological heritage, natural heritage in populations of cultural heritage sites, historical museums, etc.

– Commercial exchange of products that the geological museum has.

– Inspection and analysis of samples in the fields of geology, gemstone and art stones.

Research, market, and manufacture standard sample sets to serve the needs of high school students, university students or agencies inside and outside the Geology industry. Currently, students of many schools, especially high schools, often have to learn theory without illustrations and do not associate learning with practice. Therefore, the subject’s effectiveness is not high. It lacks practicality, does not encourage passion for Earth science, and cannot propagate love for nature and environmental protection awareness. On the other hand, standard sample sets are extremely necessary and valuable documents for agencies and individuals doing work related to geology.


Support students in thesis and internship guidance.

Organize or jointly organize short-term training courses with primary, middle, and high schools.

Organize introductions through visits for high school students, universities, colleges, and vocational schools with training in related fields.