Faculty of Geology and Mee & More – Field Trip: AMAGEO “Amazing journey of a junior Geologist”

On the exciting journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Thuan, students not only participate in sightseeing, experiencing and learning about Earth Science at famous Geosites such as Suoi Tien, Bau Cat Trang and 7 Colors Stone Pebble Beach but also have valuable educational experiences along the way.
During the journey, students learn how to determine direction, use a compass and navigate based on the sun, the fun of learning how to do this has added the colour of interaction and learning. Students are also immersed in learning about the soil and rocks that serve human life along the journey of discovering nature.

In this exciting journey, children not only participate in collecting diverse sand samples (red sand, white sand, yellow sand, pink sand, black sand etc.) but also participate in exploring. Explore and pan for black gold (Titanium) hidden in streams, and search for precious gemstone treasures. Besides, students also unleash their creativity in creating sand paintings with images of majestic deserts.

And not only students, parents also join us, creating an interesting connection between academics and natural exploration, together creating a memorable Earth Science journey.