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   The faculty of Geology today, formerly named as the Geological Division, which was established in 1952 accompanied by the Saigon University Institute by Professor Jean Fromaget, former Director of the Indochina Geology Department. In 1953, the Department of Geology was officially established, associated with the name of the French Geologist Professor Edmond Saurin – Director of the Indochina Geology Department. From 1965 to 1975, the Geological Division of Sai Gon Science University was led by Professor Tran Kim Thach. In addition to building and developing oneself, the Geology Department of Saigon Science University has also contributed to the development of the Geology Department of Hue University, Can Tho University and the Geography Department of Dalat University. From 1975 up to now, the Department of Geology has become the Faculty of Geology of Ho Chi Minh City University (1976 – 1996) and now is the University of Sciences, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (1996 – present).

Prof. Edmond Saurin 1904-1977
The Faculty of Geology has 4 departments and 5 laboratories. The departments include Fundamental Geology, Petrology and Minerals,  Marine and Petroleum Geology, Hydrogeology – Engineering Geology. Laboratories include Petrology, Gemology, Environmental geochemistry, Informatics – Remote Sensing – GIS, Sedimentary, and a showroom for Geological samples. In addition, there is also a Bookcase for reading and referencing.
   Regarding the organizational structure of the Faculty for a 5-year term, including the Faculty Board (3 staffs), the Science Board of the Faculty (7-8), the Secretary of the Faculty (1), and assistants (educator, mentors, etc.)
   Over 60 years of establishment and development, the Faculty of Geology has overcome many difficulties, maintained and built a contingent of staff, developed and expanded the scope of training and scientific research to serve the social-economy. The Faculty of Geology is one of the traditional and original faculties, making great contributions to the university’s academic achievements – scientific research over the years.
   Until June 2021, there are 34 official employees (including 17 male and 17 female), consisting of 33 scientific staff (1 Assoc. Prof.Dr., 9 PhD., 21 MSc), 3 managers, lab staff and a librarian. Currently, there are 4 postgraduate students studying abroad (Taiwan, South Korea, Austria, and Russia).
a. Undergraduate:
There are Bachelor programs in Geology and Engineering Geology.
For Geology major, Bachelor students would have been educated with a broad background in Earth science in general and in each field of geology, with the latest research and application capabilities of geology, aiming at serving socio-economic development and having steady methodology as well as being capable of playing a leading role to contribute onto the development of geoscience.
There are 6 specialities including Petrology and Minerals, Gemology, Hydrogeology – Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, Marine Geology, and Petroleum Geology.
There are 2 specialities, including geotechnical and mineral exploration techniques in Engineering Geology
Training period: 4 years

b. Postgraduate:
There are Master’s programs in Geology and Engineering Geology.
Training period: 2 years
The doctoral program in Geology.
Training period: 3-4 years
Block C
227 Nguyen Van Cu street, ward 4, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (84.8) 38 355271 – Fax (84.8) 38 350 096.
Email: khoadiachat@hcmus.edu.vn
Website: https://geology.hcmus.edu.vn/en-us/

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