The story of the volcano

Journey to visit, experience and learn STEAM Earth Sciences from the City. Coming to Dong Nai from Ho Chi Minh City, students not only explored and searched for gems but also visited and experienced many new things at famous Geosites such as Ba Chong Stone and Dong Nai Dream Stream.

During this exciting journey, students learn how to determine direction, use a compass, and navigate based on the sun. Students are also immersed in learning about basalt volcanic rocks that serve human life along the journey of discovering nature.

Children not only participate in the search for gemstones of basalt volcanic rocks, but also participate in exploring and learning about basalt volcanic eruptions, volcanic caves, and positive craters. Indulge yourself in the negative crater at Suoi Mo. Besides, the children also participated in creating stacked stones, unleashing their creativity in creating majestic basalt volcano paintings.
And not only students, parents from the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Sciences also participated with them, creating an interesting connection between academics and the discovery of nature, together stimulating Arousing interest in exploring the natural world, stimulating children’s existing love of science through science experience activities. “Playing in learning”

The Faculty of Geology and Mee & More would like to send our sincere thanks to the teachers and students of the Faculty of Information Technology for taking the time to participate in the journey to visit, experience and study Earth Sciences STEAM.