The originality of dong Van karst plateau, northern Vietnam: From the perspecitve of geoheritage

Le Canh Tuan, Tran Tan Van, Phạm Minh, Le Trung Kien


Dong Van Karst Plateau (DVKP) is a deep and remote area in the north of Vietnam where has numerous notable geoheritage characteristics. Karst coverage in the DVKP is among the largest compared to other regions in the country: up to 60% of the DVKP. However, to now, the relevant geoheritage information remains incomplete. The terrigenous rock cover of the remaining part is also underlaid by limestone. The aim of this paper is to identify territorial geoheritage with palaeontological, geomorphologic, structural-tectonic, stratigraphical, and lithology. Our research results have enabled the DVKP to be recognized as UNESCO Global Geopark. Studying geology to find unique features found in nature, and turning a impoverished and underdeveloped area into a tourism destination like DVKP is one of the people’s wish. Before 2000, DVKP was an underdeveloped economic region. With the efforts of geologists, the unique geoheritage of the DVKP have been discovered. Currently, DVKP has become a famous place with the name Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark recognized in 2010. In this paper, the author introduces new geomorphosites of the DVKP. At the same time, it shows how Vietnam seeks to increase the quality of geotourism to draw more tourists, and encourage socioeconomic growth by adding geomorphosites and creating awareness in the society.

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