Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering, Faculty of Geology, VNUHCM-US

General information

Program name: Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

Program name in Vietnames: Cử nhân Kỹ thuật địa chất

Degree: Bachelor of Science 

Program code: 7520501

Type and duration:  Full-time, 4 years

Study language: Vietnamese

Total credits: 131 credits 

Read more detail “Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering Programme” (pdf file)

General objectives

The bachelor’s program in Geological Engineering aims to train bachelors with good moral qualities, have basic theoretical qualifications, in-depth knowledge and skills; has research methods, field survey methods, solves practical geological engineering problems, and meets the needs of society in the field of geological engineering. Ability to self-train and continue advanced study at the postgraduate level at home and abroad.

The bachelor’s program in Geological Engineering has 02 majors: (1) Geotechnical engineering, (2) Mineral search and exploration.

Employment opportunities

Graduate students from the programme are trained to meet the employment requirements and are able to work at:

– Departments of Natural Resources & Environment, Departments of Construction, Departments of Agriculture & Rural Development, Departments of Science & Technology, Geological Federations at home and abroad.
– Enterprises operating in the fields of geology, environment, construction, transportation, irrigation, hydropower, exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, underground water and working at Geological Laboratories National Project – Hydrogeology.
– Research institutes; Teaching at vocational schools, colleges and universities with related fields.
– Start your own business, establish companies and centers related to the fields that have been trained.