Professors from National Central University (Taiwan) Visit the Faculty of Geology – HCMUS, Opening Doors for Collaboration

On October 13, 2023, the Faculty of Geology – HCMUS warmly welcomed the prestigious visit of Assistant Professors Maryline Le Béon and Slawek Giletycz from the National Central University of Taiwan (NCU). The meeting proved to be fruitful as both sides exchanged ideas and discussed priority training and research directions in Earth Sciences.

During the visit, the shared interests between the two institutions came to light, focusing on research areas such as natural disasters, mineralization, geo-environment, and climate change. Notably, Assist. Prof. Le Béon, an expert in structural geology and geomorphology, proposed promising research directions for landslide prediction. Assist. Prof. Giletycz, the director of Taiwan’s Polar Research Station, captivated the audience with fascinating tales about research conducted in the Arctic region.

Recognizing the potential for collaboration, both professors extended invitations to lecturers and students of the Faculty of Geology, presenting exciting opportunities for joint research projects and graduate program scholarships at NCU.

Enthusiastically, both Professors Le Béon and Giletycz encouraged faculty and students from the Faculty of Geology to consider these prospects. Aspiring researchers and soon-to-be graduates were advised to prepare their CVs and enhance their English language skills to make the most of these exciting opportunities.
The Faculty of Geology extends heartfelt appreciation to Professor Le Béon and Professor Giletycz for their visit, eagerly anticipating the exploration of possible collaborations between the two institutions. This exchange of expertise promises to pave the way for significant advancements in the field of Earth Sciences and foster stronger academic ties.