Groundwater modeling from Tien Thanh to Ke Ga area, Binh Thuan province

Dung Thuy Nguyen ,  Thien Minh Ngo, Hoang Lam Huy Le

The coastal area, from Tien Thanh to Ke Ga including Thuan Quy and Tan Thanh communes, is among the regions having a high economic growth rate of Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. The economic growth rate thanked to the development of coastal tourist sites and cultivating areas of dragon fruit, resulted in the increased water demand. Due to the limitation of the water supply system and surface water, the region’s main supply comes from the groundwater. The massive and uncontrolled exploitation could lead to the exhaustion and pollution of water reservoirs in the coastal Quaternary aquifer. To serve the management and use of groundwater resources, we calculated the used reserves of the entire area by modeling the layer containing water in the area using the Modflow module of GMS software 10.4 (Groundwater Modeling System). The input data were collected through the suction pump experiment, water samples, survey on exploitation, and results of research reports of nearby areas. The normalized steady-state models showed that aquifers in the area were recharged by rainwater, and re-fed to rivers, partly forming the flows to the sea. If the amount of wasted water into the sea was considered as the total exploitable reserve, the used reserve of underground water in this area is 70,158 m3/day.

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