A New Approach Using AHP to Generate Landslide Susceptibility Maps in the Chen-Yu-Lan Watershed, Taiwan

Thi To Ngan Nguyen, Cheng-Chien Liu


This paper proposes a new approach of using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), in which the AHP was combined with bivariate analysis and correlation statistics to evaluate the importance of the pairwise comparison. Instead of summarizing expert experience statistics to establish a scale, we then analyze the correlation between the properties of the related factors with the actual landslide data in the study area. In addition, correlation and dependence statistics are also used to analyze correlation coefficients of preparatory factors. The product of this research is a landslide susceptibility map (LSM) generated by five factors (slope, aspect, drainage density, lithology, and land-use) and pre-event landslides (Typhoon Kalmaegi events), and then validated by post-event landslides and new landslides occurring in during the events (Typhoon Kalmaegi and Typhoon Morakot). Validating the results by the binary classification method showed that the model has reasonable accuracy, such as 81.22% accurate interpretation for post-event landslides (Typhoon Kalmaegi), and 70.71% exact predictions for new landslides occurring during Typhoon Kalmaegi.

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