Bachelor of Science in Geology , Faculty of Geology, VNUHCM-US

General information

Program name: Bachelor of Science in Geology  

Program name in Vietnames: Cử nhân Địa chất học

Degree: Bachelor of Science 

Program code: 7440201

Type and duration:  Full-time, 4 years

Study language: Vietnamese

Total credits: 128 credits 

Read more detail “Bachelor of Science in Geology Programme” (pdf file)

General objectives

The bachelor’s programme in geology aims to equip bachelors with solid foundational knowledge in the natural and social sciences, solid expertise, sufficient wisdom, political qualities, and professional ethics to meet the human resource needs in the field of geology, serving the socio-economic development of Vietnam and the world in the fourth industrial revolution.

The bachelor’s degree programme in geology is designed with 06 majors: (1) Mineral Geology, (2) Gemology, (3) Petroleum Geology, (4) Marine Geology, (5) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, and (6) Environmental geology.

Detailed objectives

Programme learning outcomes

Structure of the programme

Employment opportunities

Graduate students from the programme are trained to meet the employment requirements and are able to work at:

– Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Construction, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Science and Technology, and domestic and international geology divisions.

– Laboratory of engineering geology – hydrogeology nationwide; domestic and foreign appraisal departments of gold, silver, and gem enterprises and banks.

– Enterprises operating in the fields of geology, environment, construction, transportation, irrigation, hydropower, exploration and extraction of minerals, oil and gas, and groundwater.

– Research institutes; vocational schools, colleges, and universities with related disciplines as trainers/lecturers.

– Startups of businesses, companies, and centers related to the field of training.