The mechanism of formation, development and deformation of sedimentary basins in Viet Nam continental shelf

Hoàng Đình Tiến, Bùi Thị Luận

Tóm tắt

The sedimentary basins in area of Việt Nam continental shelf are located along the deep fault systems between the folded Indochinese block and Việt Băc-Hoa Nam platform and with the transitional zone. Is means that the zone attenuated continental crust. Due to that extruction of the Indochinese block toward the SoustEast which wrenched in right, in addition, due to the appearance of the thermal anomaly, producing the activity of Bien Dong seafloor spreading axis and drift of Australian–New Guinea plate toward Nord-East, induced some geodinamic factors to form many sedimentary basins in margins of Biển Dong Sea, such as: rift, pressure, extension, vertical slide cliff, horizontal displacement and wrench. These geodinamic factors created favourable conditions to form, develop and deform the sedimentary basins in Việt Nam continental shelf, followed the pull- apart type mechanism. But each sedimentary basin had its type of mechanism which depended on the concrete place of its basin from the Indochinese block and the thermal anomaly in Bien Dong Sea. Beside, itsformed condition for gas hydrate accumulations in some basins.

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