Petrographical, petrochemical characteristics of Hòn Rồng massif granitoids, Cam Ranh, Khánh Hòa

Nguyen Kim Hoang,   Lam Van Phuong 


Hòn Rồng massif granitoid has a high mountainous terrain, with an absolute height of 728 m, relatively equal, slightly extended in the Northwest-Southeast direction, occupying an area of ​​about 29 km2. Petrographical composition is mainly medium - grained biotite granite (phase 2), minor is fine- grained biotite granite (phase 3), vein rocks are aplite granite and pegmatite and a little of xenolith of granodiorite in medium - grained biotite granite. Medium-grained biotite granite: major mineral composition (%): plagioclase (oligoclase) 25–35, quartz 30, orthoclas 25, biotite 5 - 8 and few hornblend; fine-grained granite (%): plagioclase (oligoclase) 30 - 35; quartz 30 - 35; feldspar kali (orthoclase, and microclin) 30, biotite 3 - 5; accessory mineral is zircon, orthite, apatite, sphen, and very little ore minerals (about ​​2%); epimagmatic minerals including: chlorite, epidot, kaolinite, sericite, carbonate, sausorite-replaced association. Rocks are altered alkalization strongly (albitization and microlinization), and minor are chloritization, epidotization and sericitization. Averaged chemical compositions (%)SiO2: 69.07–72.07; total alkali(K2O+Na2O) 7.35–7.96. Ratio of K2O/Na2O 1.04, low TiO2 (0.24–0.37). Ratios of A/CNK 1.02–1.09, Rb/Sr: 0.27–1.62; Ba/Sr: 1.82–2.56, Ba/Rb: 1.58–7.13; K/Rb: 0.42–0.62; Ca/Sr: 0.21–0.47; the value of Eu anomalies is low. Granite belongs to calc-alkaline, aluminum content is from medium to high; K-Na alkaline series, I-granite type. Granitoid had been formed in plutonic - volcanic arc of subduction-zone. Compared with the granitoid formations in South Vietnam territory, Hòn Rồng massif granitoid belongs to phase 2 (main) and phase 3 (minor) of Đèo Cả complex with late Kreta age.

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