Master of Geology

Master of Geology
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Master of Engineering Geology

Master of Engineering Geology
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Doctoral of Geology

Doctoral of Geology
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Degree:       (1) Bachelor of Science in Geology
                     (2) Bachelor of Science in Engineering Geology
   General objectives:
   Training high quality human resources who have solid background and expertise, good intellectual and political qualities, and professional ethics in order to meet the human resources needs for the geology field in particular and for socio-economic development and international integration.
   Specific objectives:
Undergraduates students are equipped with the following knowledge and skills:
   1. Basic knowledge of natural sciences, socio-politics and economics, satisfying the comprehensive development of individuals.
   2. Solid geological background knowledge and deep expertise sufficient to deal with issues related to the field being trained.
   3. Personal skills, social skills, teamwork skills and good professional ethics to meet the multi-sector, multi-national professional working environment.
   4. Systematic and critical thinking skills from problem discovery, idea formation, planning, implementation activities in professional and social practice.
   Career opportunities:
   Undergraduated students have the ability and opportunities to study, research, and work in various research institutes, state management agencies, and domestic and international companies operating in geology aspects or related fields.

There are Master programs in Geology and Engineering Geology.
   Training period: 2 years
The doctoral program in Geology.
   Training period: 3-4 years



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